Vrsaljko Wines

Vrsaljko Winery is located in the wine and ecological town of Nadin. Annual production brings about 40,000 bottles or 30,000L of premium wine, and every year there is an increase in production. The wine produced by growing its own vineyard of 25,000 vines produces wines of the highest quality with the principle of ecological production of wine and grapes. Completely subordinated to family production.

We entered the market in 2008 with the "Nadinska rana" wine brand. In the meantime, we came out with two more wines "Cuvée" and "Syrah" and finally the white wine "Maraština".

Nadin 31, 23420, Nadin, Hrvatska
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+385 098 799 563

About the host

By achieving numerous prestigious awards, we confirm the quality witnessed by our loyal customers.