Liqueur Route


Amazing Fiolić wines and liqueurs tasting

Charming Fiolić brothers will introduce you to their wine philosophy and wines of marastina, malvasia and plavina varieties or world-famous merlot, grenache, syrah, as well as liqueurs from maraschino cherries and dried figs. You will experience all this in the environment of a rustic wine cellar that will instantly take you back to some ancient times.

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Brandy, liqueur & gin tasting - Mashtel Distillery in Zaton near Zadar

You will be given an informative tour of the Mashtel distillery and tasting room, where you can indulge in 8 different types or brandies (including Gin), 5 liqueurs; wineglasses filled to capacity featuring both red AND white varieties - all served alongside local authentic finger food containing homemade cheese + bacon!

From 250,00 HRK
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