Here you can find a selection of the best tastings in Zadar and its surroundings, which you can book easily and quickly on the pages of our partners. Wines, olive oils, cheese, cured meat products and other products that come directly from the field, factory or the cellar - to your table to taste them and hear the story about their origins.

Amazing Fiolić wines and liqueurs tasting

Charming Fiolić brothers will introduce you to their wine philosophy and wines of marastina, malvasia and plavina varieties or world-famous merlot, grenache, syrah, as well as liqueurs from maraschino cherries and dried figs. You will experience all this in the environment of a rustic wine cellar that will instantly take you back to some ancient times.

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Extra virgin olive oil tasting at Dušević Agritourism

Taste the award-winning olive oil of the Mate Dušević family farm, learn more about the production process and tasting techniques, and pair this golden liquid with the delicacies of the Zadar region.

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Tasting of the award-winning olive oil of Nadin Oil Mill

Željko Vrsaljko is an expert in the field of processing and production of extra virgin olive oil. Book a tasting at Nadin Oil Mill, try the best and learn from the best!

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Wine and food pairing experience in Kraljevski Vinogradi

At the Royal Vineyards in Petrčane they have created an experience for you that is unlike any other. Their unique pairing menu will allow your senses to be tantalized with beautiful wine from indigenous Croatian varieties while enjoying meat and fish dishes made specially just as they should taste!

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Taste some admirable wines in Škaulj eco winery

It is time to taste some of the best organic wines in Croatia! With 3 or 5 different types of organic wines, you will be able experience a true piece of local history. As an added bonus you will be offered prosciutto and cheese - for those who love food pairings too. How can anything go wrong during this great tasting experience in Škaulj winery near Zadar?

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Wine tasting in Poljak Winery in Diklo - Zadar

You are invited to a tasting event at Poljak Winery where you will be treated as one of their old friends. They have five red (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah) wines as well white (Chardonnay Maraština). All these bottles were awarded best multiple times - both locally and internationally- which is yet another proof that they're quality assured! They will also be serving up some high quality Pag cheese with lashings of prosciutto.

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Cheese tasting on Pag Island in Kolan

Come to the most awarded Croatian cheese factory - Gligora, and learn about world-renowned Pag cheese from the award winning staff. Feel what it's like in this great cheese dairy, smell all of those amazing aromas that fill your nose with desire for more! The factory is open year round so come anytime - you won't regret this opportunity if you're looking forward not only great tasting cheeses but also an unforgettable experience overall!

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Brandy, liqueur & gin tasting - Mashtel Distillery in Zaton near Zadar

You will be given an informative tour of the Mashtel distillery and tasting room, where you can indulge in 8 different types or brandies (including Gin), 5 liqueurs; wineglasses filled to capacity featuring both red AND white varieties - all served alongside local authentic finger food containing homemade cheese + bacon!

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Taste delicious dishes baked under traditional Dalmatian peka near Zadar

If you are looking for a unique food and wine experience, try this tasty Croatian meal baked under peka (a traditional metal baking lid) at Prtenjača family farm near Zadar. The main course consists of chicken and veal baked under the lid (peka) alongside seasonal vegetables along with bread.

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Taste seafood, local wines, olive oil, liqueurs and more - in Zadar area

Don't miss this tasting experience that offers white cod or mollusk salad as a main course. This gastronomic story is followed by an olive oil tasting as an aperitif (with prosciutto, cheese and tuna pâté, as well as a tour of the cellar and education). With the main course you will also taste two glasses of wine with a short lesson about them. Of course, as a welcome drink and with dessert (homemade Pag cake), great liqueurs and brandies from this great family farm await you.

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