Škaulj Winery

Winery Škaulj is situated in the Zadar hinterland – right in the heart of Ravni Kotar in Nadin. The first top-quality wine comes from our winery. We have regularly been awarded numerous product quality acknowledgements and our wines have been recognised and accepted by leading world and Croatian wine experts. 15 hectares of vineyards are tilled according to the strictest norms of ecological manufacture and every wine bottle carries an eco label. At our agritourism, besides wine, we offer meat prepared under Dalmatian peka - for larger groups and based on previous arrangement.

E71, 23420, Nadin, Croatia
08-22 h
+385 91 3891 421

About the host

Accordingly, our offer includes: high quality Merlot wines, Cabernet Sauvignon and Dessert Merlot wine, quality white wine Marashtina and quality wines Tomislav Cuvee and Syrah that can be tasted in the tasting facility within the vinery.

Škaulj Winery


Taste some admirable wines in Škaulj eco winery

It is time to taste some of the best organic wines in Croatia! With 3 or 5 different types of organic wines, you will be able experience a true piece of local history. As an added bonus you will be offered prosciutto and cheese - for those who love food pairings too. How can anything go wrong during this great tasting experience in Škaulj winery near Zadar?

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