The Royal Vineyards

Light and elegant Punta Skala wines, with preserved fruit aromas and rich in minerals, are extremely supple. They go well with a number of dishes, from light pasta appetizers, local fish to breaded meat, veal and lamb under a baking lid.

Enjoy the intense aroma of wines with a hint of stone on which the reeds in grapes collect blessings of Zadar pleasant Mediterranean climate.

There's not only truth in wine but also health – and beauty too, in this important component of Mediterranean diet. In wine, as important component of the Mediterranean diet, there's not only truth but also health – and beauty too. Taste and experience the magic with the wines Punta Skala. Cheers!

Unnamed Road, 23231, Petrčane, Croatia
13-24 h (Mon-Sun)
+385 91 596 2130

About the host

In 1072. a nun Čika bought the first vineyards in Petrčane (Petrzane), and since those times the abbey has had in possession the vineyards on their property. And this distinctive, consistent and smooth wine originates from this property.