Roca Estate

The family farm, which houses a pig farm farm, a dried meat production facility, a Dalmatian tavern shop and a restaurant. Continuing the long-standing family tradition of working in tourism, we decided to build a farm on our own land for natural breeding pigs, as the basis of the production of our own prosciutto and other dried meat products. Listening to our customers' reactions, the expansion of the offer to catering and hospitality was a natural continuation of our activities. So, today we have a pig farm and a traditional drying room for prosciutto and other cured meat products. Also, there is a vineyard with elected grapes, fig garden, poultry, olive grove with rarely seen, and especially made stone tables, for which we can at once host 230 guests. Further more, we own an ethno-museum, trade and as a crown of everything - a Dalmatian tavern with fireplaces, air -conditioned and pleasant in summer and winter, with 110 seats.

23422, Velim, Hrvatska
Monday - Saturday 09:00-17:00; during the main season: Monday - Sunday 09:00-00:00
+385 0915834043

About the host

As true Dalmatian hosts, we will provide you with the best we have: prosciutto, wines and dishes made exclusively from local ingredients.