Prtenjača Agritourism

Prtenjača Agritourism is located in Polača, a cheerful town with beautiful views. It's located halfway between towns of Benkovac and Biograd na Moru, only 10 km from the sea! The people of Polača have dealt with the trials and tribulations of the Homeland War, but, however, they persevered through these hardships to once again take up their place as productive members within society. Today they pride themselves on being able to maintain an agrarian lifestyle while still preserving traditions.

Building lives after the war, Prtenjača family has been true to traditional and indigenous dishes that are passed down in their family from generation-to generation. As well as wines rich with flavors you can't find anywhere else! This is how new beginnings come about--a story of survival during one of Croatia's most devastating times.

This is the story of new beginnings after the war.

Polača 293, 23423, Polača, Hrvatska
By appointment
+385 915196240

About the host

This story is a story of willpower, love for one's heritage. The story of preserved food and wine recipes. By renovating houses, basements and taverns, they have brought life back to their hearths. Their vineyards fruitfully return the effort, love and passion for viticulture and winemaking. Get to know their customs, traditions, their indigenous local dishes and taste their wines.

Prtenjača Agritourism


Taste delicious dishes baked under traditional Dalmatian peka near Zadar

If you are looking for a unique food and wine experience, try this tasty Croatian meal baked under peka (a traditional metal baking lid) at Prtenjača family farm near Zadar. The main course consists of chicken and veal baked under the lid (peka) alongside seasonal vegetables along with bread.

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