Puntica Prosciutto Production Plant

The prosciutto production plant Puntica d.o.o. has been founded in 1994 with a purpose to produce and sell smoked and cured meat products. Puntica d.o.o. manufactures Dalmatian prosciutto, Dalmatian streaked bacon, Dalmatian šokol (thick neck pork specialty) and Dalmatian pečenica (local specialty fried sausages). Company is the winner of numerous champion awards. Our products can be purchased in the store selling delicacies in Zadar, in street J.J. Strossmayer 15.

Ćoze, 23247, Vinjerac, Croatia
Mon-Fri 08-15 h, Sat 08-13 h
+385 91 513 7214

About the host

Everything we produce is produced in a natural and traditional way.