Paška Sirana

The story tells of generations of island families which smelled salty Pag air together, caring for their flocks in the cold winters and dry summers, the story of hundreds of hard-working hands that shaped cheese bringing to it a longing for times past and a warm household.

Due to the 70 years long tradition and proven quality of Pag cheese dairy, as well as privileged status it enjoys among consumers, Pag cheese is synonymous for top delicacy.

Zadarska ul. 5, 23250, Pag, Croatia
Winter 7-15 h, Summer 9-22 h
+385 23 600 810

About the host

Pag dairy managed to brand the Pag cheese in those difficult times and most gratifying fact is that the Pag cheese has become the most famous Croatian cheese, a true brand representing the whole of Croatia.