Matak Dalmatian Truffles

Thanks to the hard work and effort of the whole family, we managed to achieve what we constantly strived for. We successfully marketed our products both on the domestic and foreign markets (catering facilities, hotels, shops, airports, national parks...) and became recognizable throughout Croatia and beyond.

All our investments and the fight for the market led us to establish a new company that operates under the name MELANOS DELMATA d.o.o. The name of the company itself is symbolic, meaning; MELANOS - an abbreviation that comes from the name of the Tuber Melanosporum truffle, a truffle that lives only in the area of Dalmatia, and DELMATA - comes from the word Delmati, and represents the people who inhabited the area of Dalmatia in ancient times. Therefore, in translation, the company is called DALMATIAN TRUFFLE.

Our offer includes seasonal, frozen and canned truffles and a wide range of truffle products such as flavored oils, honey, various types of truffles and creams and numerous truffle delicacies (peanuts, pistachios, pralines...). In addition to the above, we also offer fresh, frozen and dried porcini mushrooms.

In an effort to meet the needs of the market, we are planning further expansion and completion of production, continuous improvement of the quality of our products through which we want to become recognizable as a reliable partner of all interested parties, all with the aim of popularizing and branding the Dalmatian truffle called Tuber Melanosporum and contributing to the prestige of the Dalmatian gastronomic offer .

Put Plovanije 34, 23000, Zadar, Hrvatska
+385 0917937271

About the host

The whole story about the Dalmatian truffle started quite by accident, as a hobbyist. Walking through the hinterland of Zadar, we realized that the environment is similar to that of Istria, which is abundant in truffles, so we decided to try and start something new, uncharacteristic of our Dalmatian climate, we acquired and trained a dog, but the results were not immediate. We searched persistently for two or three years before we found the first truffle site. But once we found the first site, it just took off - a second, a third... a fifth appeared. That's when we experienced for the first time that adrenaline that comes when you see a dog find and take out truffles. It is a special and unique experience, especially when it is your first time. In the last seven years, we have been intensively dealing with this, and the whole story began in 2016, when we registered a family farm (OPG) in Zadar County, in the city of Zadar, with an exceptional thousand-year history and extremely valuable cultural heritage.