Bora Wines

Bora is firmly steeped in the tradition of the region, the small Croatian town of Podgradina, warmed on one side by the warm currents of the Novigrad Sea and the Velebit bura on the other.

The Benkovac-Stankovac vineyards, where the winery is located, are an ideal position for growing grape vines, given that their orientation and height above the sea on which the vineyards are situated create the ideal soil for the best wines.

The local expression for a strong, persistent, mossy and cold wind is how Bora wines got its name. The wines are the best what a harsh climate and hard work have to offer. In this young winery that is expanding every day, as promised by the Žuža family to their ancestors that they would follow the guiding thoughts of their family on love, persistence and commitment to the land, today the most modern viticulture as well as winery know-who and technologies produce wines for enjoying the most refined tastes.

23242, Podgradina, Hrvatska
By appointment
+385 0989593689

About the host

Bora is a celebration and a rhythm of life. We produce wines for people who celebrate every moment, who dance, who see every opportunity for pleasure.