Olive oil has always been a symbol of the Mediterranean, and a natural medicine made by generations of families, including those from the Zadar County. Today, however, it has already acquired the status of a product on which an entire segment of tourism can be based. And when you pair it with other products and experiences, its value rises even more.

That's why we bring you a brief overview of three food tours that you can enjoy in a way that puts olive oil in the context of the wider gastronomic story of the Zadar hinterland.

  1. A private tour of the Zadar region will allow you to visit agritourisms such as Prtenjača or Odžaković, where you will start your gastronomic day with a tasting of homemade cheese, prosciutto and cakes. It is an ideal way to prepare for everything that awaits you. And what awaits you is a tasting of olive oil, along with wine, almonds and other local products - in the famous MasVin tasting room, which takes only the best from the land in Polača, carefully grown and produced on ecological principles, and serves it to you with love. Then you can also visit some of the great olive oil producers such as Nadin Olive Oil Refinery, Perica Olive Oil, Olive Valley or 2 Stories. Finally, you will end your trip in a traditional way - with meat under the baking lid (famos Croatian "peka") at one of the Ravni kotari family farms!

  1. There is another tour to Ravni Kotari, which, in addition to food and drink, also focuses on the rich culture of this fruitful region. Through it, you will learn more about the diversity and wealth of this micro-region whose history is told through many stories. The tour starts around 9:00 in the morning, after which the famous wine location of Korlat is visited, where a picnic is held with fresh local products. Then you go to the Benkovac National Museum, where you will try local wines, and after that continue to the ancient settlement of Asseria from the 1st century, as well as the Kličevica fortress. The finale of the entire tour this time is a visit to the MasVin estate, in order to get a first-hand impression of the quality of their organically produced oils and wines!

  1. In tourism, it is always necessary to be creative and combine something that is seemingly incompatible. That's why this tour exists - which will allow you to enjoy olive oil and relax after an adrenaline-fuelled quad ride in the beautiful surroundings of Ražanac and Ljubač. The protagonists of this story are Mate Dušević Family Farm with his award-winning extra virgin monovarietal oils, and the Adventure Team Ražanac in charge of adventure on four wheels. Along with oil, you will be served local prosciutto, cheese, tuna pâté, olives, and even wine! You will learn more about olive oil, the production method and through the tasting school you will understand how to enjoy it perfectly. All this from experts with tens of years of experience!

It is up to you to choose one of the trips that we have selected and get to know Zadar's gastronomic scene, Zadar's olive oils and the agritourism offer in general.

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