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CUHaCHA ZADAR CookingFest promotes traditional Zadar cuisine!

CUHaCHA Zadar CookingFest is a festival of traditional dishes of Zadar County, made to preserve and promote the culinary heritage of the region and to put more emphasis on the inclusion of traditional dishes in the local tourist offer.


Mate Dušević: The support and work of the family is the key to every success!

Agritourism Zadar platform brings you an interview with Mate Dušević, a representative and the head of Mate Dušević family farm, which is their official name. This is only the first interview out of many that awaits us - since Zadar region farmers have a lot to say!


Discover Zadar region food tours that include olive oil tasting

If you were wondering how you can enjoy local olive oils of Zadar region, but in the same time taste them paired with other products, and as a part of a comprehensive experience - we have this short guide for you.


Zadar Craft Beer Festival returns after two years!

Zadar Craft Beer Festival returns after two full years, with a total of 11 craft breweries, performances by three DJs and a great atmosphere - as before!


Discover some great wine tasting experiences in Zadar region

With its scenic views and picturesque vineyards, Zadar region is quickly becoming a popular destination for wine lovers. High quality wines produced here have been winning awards from around Croatia and world (like Decanter World Wine Awards) as well as attracting more tourists interested in tasting these delicious beverages on their trip abroad.


Zadar Wine Garden is now officially opened!

As of today, Zadar officially has a new place to relax and enjoy the benefits of wine, local products and the pleasant atmosphere of the ancient Zadar peninsula.


Winemakers, olive growers and cheesemakers of Zadar County have won international awards

Winemakers, olive growers and cheesemakers from the Zadar County have recently achieved remarkable results at renowned international competitions, and on that occasion, Prefect Božidar Longin organized a reception for the winners in the courtyard of the Zadar County House.


Maraština Days in Zadar - a new great event!

Maraština Days are a new great event that awaits us in Zadar!


Redesigned Agritourism Zadar web platform is here!

Agritourism Zadar is now presented to you in a new look in its digital form, reviving the possibility of discovering the best that Zadar County has to offer regarding the experience of indigenous food and drink. What valuable people of the Zadar region put on the table throughout the year - from wine and cheese, to olive oil, prosciutto and other delicacies. Food and wine experience from the field to the table.